Parents and Academics

I am still many years away from having to worry about homework and college admissions with my son. He is just one, but as a parent I think about his academic future. I think about what he will be like as student, what his interests will be, and what will drive him. I also think about how I can support and encourage him without being a “helicopter” parent. “Helicopter” parents are considers the ones that hover to closely, nag about homework, are obsessed with grades, and do not allow much independence. The culture to judge a student’s success based on grades and test scores certainly doesn’t help this scenario.

I hope the “helicopter” style will never be me, because I can’t imagine children being responsive to this environment. I am sure the intentions to be so deeply involved in your child’s schooling are good, but it seems to have unintended consequences. Some which include children feeling increased stress and pressure to achieve potentially unrealistic goals. I believe I can still be involved in so many aspects of my child’s education, without making it all about grades and college admission. I want to give space and independence and in return I hope I foster a more open conversation about school. I have plenty of time to figure out how I will do this, but ultimately I want my child to feel they are driving the ship, not me.




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