Conferences: More Than a Line on Our CV

In February I attended an academic conference in Charleston, SC. I also presented a poster with phase one results from my dissertation. While this activity is expected on my CV and shows academic accomplishments, what I got out of the conference was so much more than a line on my CV.

My research is incredibly interdisciplinary. I come from a public health background, am completing my PhD in Environmental Design and Planning, and my research is about older adults, the built environment, and dog walking, so finding a conferences that is relevant can be challenging. This conference was spot on. It was about active living and bridged public health and urban planning. The opportunity to meet people who were also interested in a similar overlap of disciplines meant new relationships, future collaborators, and potential participates for my research. The conference did not disappoint. I made contacts with researchers who work I admired and learned how they were approaching challenges on active living. I think what is even more exciting is the prospect of attending the conference again, seeing familiar faces and building even more invaluable relationships.






One thought on “Conferences: More Than a Line on Our CV

  1. Thanks for the post about conferences. Before joining the ranks of academia I had always wondered about the utility of conferences. My wife, who just finished her PhD would often travel to attend them and I didn’t truly understand their purpose. Now, however, I realize that it is an excellent opportunity to display your thoughts and contributions. Beyond the line on your CV it is a live peer review of your work. Thanks for the post!


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